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The message forum is a new ongoing dialogue between classmates. For now, there will be no restrictions on  items, topics, subtopics, etc. to discuss. To get things going, the FIRST topic to discuss will be the 50+ Reunion held last weekend.  If you were there, what did you think? 

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09/18/19 06:36 AM #1    


Otto H. Achenbach

PHS 50+ Combined Reunion

September 14th and 15th, 2019

Overview - Observations

Very impressive, over 160 in attendance.  There were more but with the late registrations, unsure of exact number.  I believe over 180 total.

The scene at about 9:00 AM when the Mix and Mingle started:

The class of 1962 had the most people in attendance of all the attending classes. There were 3 tables dedicated to our class members.  The unofficial total was 21 as listed below.  

Here is the list of those that attended.  If you were there and I missed you, I so humbly appologize and send me an email through "Notify Me" tab on the left with your name and email address, and I will add your name.


Achenbach, Otto H.                                       Merzlock, John

Eaton, (Samson) Carol                                  Moldenhauer, (Whitney) Patricia

Fresh, (Boyce) Marilyn                                  Papetti, John C.

Gilbert, (Howard) Kaydene                            Perkins, (Davis) Joan

Glenisky, Gary R.                                          Sakelaris, Mike

Hall, (West) Loretta                                       Shader, Thomas

Hatch, (Romney) Judy                                  Simmons, Robert (Bob)

Hovorka, (Chambers) Kathy                          Watkins, (Wilson) Valorie

Jones, (Cox) Amy                                          Wheelock, Michael (was he there ?)

 Kennedy, (Carlson) Cheryl                            Vernon, (Bishop) Sue

                                                                   McCormack, Tom

During the get together, Sue (Bishop) Vernon wanted to create her class profile and so Sue and the Administrator went to work. Within 5 minutes we had her signed on, profile made, and she became the 100th member of our web site.

Kathy (Chambers) Hovorka also wants to join the class website.  To create her class profile, both she and the Administrator will visit by email and get her set up to join our website.

Kaydene (Howard) Gilbert, a website member, would like help in putting some photos on our website. The Administrator and she will visit via email and get this going as well.

Everyone please note:  If you took photos at this 50+ reunion, Gary R. Glenisky has created a new Reunion Photo Album within the Reunion Photo Albums which is located just above the red box entitled "MEMBER FUNCTIONS" on the left of our website home page.  Find "Reunion Photo Albums" and click on it.  The new photo album titled "50+ Reunion 2019" will be in the upper left hand corner.  Click on it.  Now find the box at the bottom titled "Add/Edit Photos" and click it.  Now click on the blue box top left side titled "Add Photos" and then find your photos(s) you want to share and click on the photo.  You can do more than 1 at a time, not sure of the limit.  I would not exceed 2 or 3 at a time.  The photos you select will come from your computer, laptop, tablet, or whatever device you are using to visit our website.  Then click the "Open" button and it will show you, percentage wise, how much it has uploaded.  Let it finish uploading and it will tell you when it has finished by showing 100% loaded.  The photos(s) will appear on the lower part of the page. Then, in the box on the right of the photo where it says, "Enter Caption Here ...", you can enter the names of people in the photo.  This helps a lot to show people who they are looking at when they view your photo.  

Bingo, you know have your own Photo Gallery with your name assigned to it and will also tell how many photos you have put in your gallery.  Only you can add photos to your Gallery.  Have issues?  Below "MEMBER FUNCTIONS", left side, send the Administrator a note by clicking on "Notify Me" and I or my two able associates will help you.

There were 25 classes registered with members at this reunion:  1938, 1942, 1943, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1967.

09/18/19 07:47 AM #2    

Gary R. Glenisky

I attended.  This was one of the best 50+ gatherings in years.  Several photos are being posted in the new 50+ Reunion 2019 Album in the Reunion Photo Albums section. 

09/24/19 07:40 AM #3    

Gary R. Glenisky

Just happened to be driving down Main Street of Old Pocatello at 1:30 in the morning after the recent 50+ Reunion and spotted the restored Chief Theater sign in all its glory.  Could not resist stopping and taking pictures.  Here's a few.

Lot's of memories in that place.


09/24/19 11:38 AM #4    


Otto H. Achenbach

My oh my Gary, the pictures are spectacular.  Nice job, and talk about a trip down memory lane, wow, I think I remember going to the Chief Theater on Friday's the 13th, and they would have 2 spooky shows on that would start at midnight, and I also think I remember one time where they had a tripple header and I may have been a little late getting home and hearing about that from my Father.  Ah, good times, thank you.

09/30/19 07:30 AM #5    


Otto H. Achenbach

Okay, I have to check to see if anyone is actually looking at the Message Forum and has absolutely nothing to say, add or put new comments or questions out here besides Gary and myself.

Classmates, what happened to the high pitch of voices in the halls as we struggled to get to the next class and still not be tardy?

Gary, do you think we may get a response, or perhaps just turn this feature off?

10/01/19 07:41 AM #6    

Carol Armstrong (Wintersteen)

Do not eliminate the Message Forum.  I enjoy the pictures and comments you have added.  Enjoyed seeing "The Chief" all lit up at night.  It is always fun to go by at night.  Thank you for all you have done for the "Class of 62"  with this new website.  It is fun to see old faces again...literally!!!  Somewhere in there is the "young me"

Keep things rolling!     Carol (Armstrong) Wintersteen

10/01/19 11:07 AM #7    

Ted Judd

Some of us really are reading the forum
From afar

10/01/19 11:13 AM #8    

Richard Hughes

As a hand me down from the Class of 61, thanks to Mr. Jacob Six and Alameda Jr. High shorting me a credit, I enjoy at least being a "fringy" member of the Class of 62. Since many of my few friends were in the Class, I like to see where they are and what's happening in their lives. Thanks for putting this together.

10/01/19 12:47 PM #9    


Otto H. Achenbach

Houston, we have ignition.

Thank you Carol #6, Ted, #7 and Richard #8 responses.  

Must add that both Budd L. Kendrick and Gary R. Glenisky are also administrators and they have also been heavily involved in getting this web site up and running, and if I may be so bold, thank you for your kind words and please add your comments, items of interest, we will look and comment, nicely of course.

We have visited; Gary, Budd (had to wake him up from his morning nap) and will keep this "Message Forum" up and with your comments, perhaps that will spark others to chime in, remember this is your class site, you have something to say, comment, as Nike has said for years "Just Do It!".

You just have to love it when a plan comes together.


10/01/19 01:21 PM #10    


Otto H. Achenbach

Class Web Site Statistics:  

(Updated 10/03/19 @ 07:42 (mtn time)

Our site was created:  11/22/18

(My notes, brought up ClassCreator and went through steps to build initial setup)

We went live on:   01/19/19

(Email by Gary R. Glenisky to our class mailing list of 151 provided by Kathy and David John to let classmates know the new website was up, open and ready for usage.)

(There was high activity between 11/22/18 and getting to 01/19/19 between Gary, Budd and I, set up the 3 of us as classmates and we would sign on, play, discuss the look, what if?, no that sounds terrible, how about?, oh for heavens sake, more discussions, change the look, some were very good, others not so much and then finally came up with what you pretty much see now.)

(A lot of time was spent in getting the pictures loaded for each student, that meant we actually looked at each student in our 1962 Pocatellian, then material from reunions that Kathy and David put together, then take picture of each student, play with the reesults, cut, chop, and then load each classmate and input their name, memories came flooding back.)

(On 12/03/18, talked to "ClassCreator", they provide the software that we all use for our web site, confirmed our intentions of going active, agreed to a 1 year subscription, and also agreed to and confirmed our domain name of "" and a 1 year subscription for the domain name.  At this time our website was up and the real work began to fine tune, and prepare the system to open it up to our classmates, which as noted above was the email sent out from Gary R. Glenisky, on January 19, 2019 which was our official live activity date.)

Home Page (the page you go to when you sign on) Visitors:  8,596

  (Cumulative total visitors since the creation of our web site - 11/22/18)

Numbers as of:  10/01/19

Classmates signed on during the last 24 hours:  12

Classmates signed on during the last 7 days:  26

Classmates signed on during the last 30 days:  59 

(Figure the month of August if you signed on 29 times during August that counts as 1 classmate signed on)

10/01/19 03:18 PM #11    

Larry Wintersteen

The messsge forum is great.  Thanks for keeping it alive.  Stay happy and healthy.  

Getting old can be a  challenge . . . but, it beats the alternative.  

Larry Wintersteen  

10/03/19 07:42 AM #12    


Otto H. Achenbach

Good morning Larry,

Your comment is spot on, our alternatives to what we are currently doing, or engaged in may be something less than what we would want.  Every day is a new day, what opportunities will be presented and thank you for letting us know you are involved and checking in on the web activity.

10/05/19 08:00 AM #13    


Tom Shader

I don't post much, but I do read the forum often. Keep up the good work.

10/05/19 08:42 AM #14    


Otto H. Achenbach

Good morning Tom,

Thank you for takiing the time, nice looking bike, probably have some stories traveling on that.  A long time ago, 1974 Honda 750, took trips, Oregon, Washington brings back memories.  Enjoy.

10/05/19 08:47 AM #15    

Albert (Ben) Kittelman

Hi Guys,   I believe the message forum is part of the backbone of this class.  Everyone may not sign in each day, but in my instance I'm always looking forward to a response from someone to read.  Otto, Gary and Bud  are always reminding us of something new and keeping the class informed of current or past events. Other class members do occasionally give us update on the past or current stuff.  Even a little bit over time is great to read about.   Thanks everyone for being part ot the Class of 62.  

Albert Ben Kittelman



10/06/19 08:21 AM #16    


Otto H. Achenbach

Wow Ben, did you get me fired up this morning, I was outside at 05:20 this morning after reading your very nice comments, had me doing the Snoopy dance in the front street, that in turn caused the neighbors wife, to yell at her older son to get back in the house, "Otto is at it again!".  Then the Sheriff's department arrived, Deputy "Lester The Arrester" walked over to me and asked me to return to my home and he did not want another call for at least 24 hours.  I looked in the picture window as I walked to my front door and here was "Tigger", the cat, and he had the phone up to his ear and was point at me with his left paw and laughing.  Anyone want a tattle tail cat?

Oh, side note to those reading the "Mesage Forum", when you first go to the "message Forum" if you would like to have the latest message show up at top, rather than scroll down through the originals to the current message, simply go to the right side box, after the first big box with information on the "Message Forum" and change it from showing oldest first to newest first.  

Enjoy, remember you all can post messages here so feel free.  Have a great week.

10/07/19 03:25 PM #17    

Gary R. Glenisky

Trying to get out of Lodi, my wife got pulled over for driving in a bike lane. After explaining we were from out of town, lost, and trying to find the shipping place to ship our two cases of wine home, he did not ticket us. But not before two more police cars showed up, flashing lights and all. Big commotion and will probably be on the local news. We were not released until they checked to make sure she didn't have outstanding warrants for her arrest. Hard getting out of Lodi. 

10/08/19 12:34 PM #18    

Ted Judd

what did you discover to ship home? 

where are you headed next?


10/08/19 02:32 PM #19    


Otto H. Achenbach

Ah, one of the class Administrators in action in Lodi.  You just gotta love it, we continue to carry on our traditiions.

Okay, I have been pushing the "Message Forum" and getting feedback about enjoying the various postings, here is what I just finished up about 10 minutes ago in emailing to the Chevrolet Dealership in Nampa, Idaho, I live in Eagle, Idaho, probably, I looked it up on Google Maps, 15.4 miles or about a 30 minute drive.

I'm intrigued with the new for 2020, mid-engine corvette convertible.  I visited with the Kendall Auto Mall, Nampa back in mid August, went out, took "Lady", my 2013 427 Corvette Collector Edition, out there, visited with the woman out there i had communicated with via email, she got a sales person involved, we talked about the 2020 car, he said he was really really busy and would look around at other dealerships, he was thinking a 2019, I was more in tune with a 2020, and that he would get back to me in 2 weeks.  Well yesterday, it was week 7 and no response.  I followed up with email back to the Lady to let her know that the communication I was expecting had failed to materialize.  She responded, called me, got another Corvette guru, we will see, and that person emailed me and called.  I may just start looking for a Yugo.

Anyway, I built my email back to the new salesman, outlined steps;, meet and talk, do I like said person, do we get along or is he barking up the tree and were, read I am done.  We need to map out a 2020, color, options, I have already done this, have 6 copies, but I want to see what he says and why, will I change my mind, probably not, but you never know, maybe there is an option, RPO-Chicken_Little, $1,347.98, that will sniff the road for critters up ahead to slow down for, you get the idea, trim level, wheels, top color, seats, you can now get 3 levels of seats, bottom one, you can sit in it and drive, top level, it straps you in, you can take 3.78 G's and wish you were back in the Yugo.  Once the options are determined, I even have two colors I currently like, that will give a MSRP price for the car.  

Then need to come up with value for "Lady", what is the out the door price, then go visit with my Financial Advisor, see what he says, "NO, GET A YUGO', or well lets explore, again you get the idea.

This is where I am at as of this afternoon on Tuesday, October 8, 2919.

That is all.



10/08/19 11:39 PM #20    

Gary R. Glenisky

Ted,  ...... Discovered some great Zinandels and red blends.  Where headed to Walla Walla and Pasco area for tasting, but that plan had to be scrapped.

10/09/19 12:35 AM #21    

Gary R. Glenisky

Just now added many names on photos in Pat Vigliaturo's Photo Gallery in the 50+ Reunion 2019 Album.  Pat identified these people in an email she sent me last week.  I had previously helped her upload the 7 pictures in her gallery.

Still waiting  for John Papetti to add more photos to his gallery.  He has one in there now. 

Our Site Administrator, Otto Achenbach, has three very nice photos in his gallery.  I am sure he took more pictures than three at this year's 50+ Reunion.

Would love to see more photos show up from reunions of the past.  I know there are many out there.  If you need assistance in uploading any photos, just let Otto know by clicking on Contact Us on the left side of the Home Page.  Otto will help you or turn it over to me. 

10/13/19 12:33 AM #22    

Gary R. Glenisky

Anybody seen or know the whereabouts of our old friend John?

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