Tip #5.1 What's New

Any information you put in this function will show up under the Tab "What's New", so that means any classmate that does not click on the "What's New" tab will not see your information.  It is specific, classmate must visit this tab in order to see what you posted.

You can click on this tab and it will take you to the What's New section.

  1. You can post a comment, add photo's, etc.
  2. This is very easy to use.
  3. Under "Post a Comment", the top box, where it says "Share your thoughts with classmates", click in the box and this will be where you will put your information you want to share with others that are visiting this tab.
  4. When you are done, click on the red box on the right "Post Comment" and it will post your information and show your picture so everyone will know who posted the information.
  5. Fellow classmates can post their response message pertaining to your message and you will see who and how they responded to your message.
  6. If you forgot some information, do not like something you put in, go to your comment, to the right of your comment, under the date of your comment you will see "edit", "delete", if you want to edit, click on edit, if you want to simply delete what you did, click on it.  Very easy to use.  I would suggest, try it, put something on the site and ask a question, see what happens.
    • Classmates need to click on the "What's New" link to see your comment.