Tip #5 - Get Info Out to Class

There are several options available to you to choose on how to communicate with your classmates;  you can set up meetings, sponsor a function, send messages, to one or many, post an announcement on the home page and we have attempted to document how to use 4 of the important ones, in our humble opinion.


Usage of these functions are sponsored by you, not the "PHS62" website, the website is a means for you to get your message out to fellow classmates, so the Administrators of this site will not get involved with any questions (if you want to visit with us about our thoughts on possible usage, how to, etc., we will work with you), you need to include within your communication, that this is sponsored by you and they need to visit with you directly and not use the "Contact Us" link since your the sponsor.

The primary Functions Available to you after you sign in are:

Tip:  #5.1 - What's New

Tip:  #5.2 - Message Forum

Tip:  #5.3 - Message Center 

Tip:  #5.4 - Post Announcement <=== Everyone will see this

Each of the above functions will get your information, notes, comments, thoughts out to the classmates, it all depends on you determining how you want to broadcast your information and select your recipients or show to everyone.
Each functional tab (#5.1 through #5.4) provides you with the steps necessary to use that function.
If you have a question on usage or need assistance, use the "Contact Us", will will visit and help you.  Remember, this is your website, use it and enjoy.
Gary Glenisky
Budd Kendrick
Otto H. Achenbach