Tip #1 - Using the More Option

PHS62 sends you an email about Updates and Highlights and if you want to see all of it, you have to click on More or other underlined word or words:

Before you click on the word More, make sure you have opened up the phs62 website and have logged in.  Once you have opened up our website and logged in, then click on the More that is listed in your email you received and it will then take you directy to the classmate, or posting so you can read it.  The key is to have the phs62 website up, and you logged in so it can use the link to get to where you want to go.  Below is a sample of the More function we are talking about: 

     Pocatello Senior High School
Class of 1962
Updates and Highlights  
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    • Budd Kendrick
      I have not posted, but I do read the forum daily. Keep up the good work.  More
    • Gary Glenisky
      I read the Message Forum daily and post when I have interesting pictures and comments. ::  More