Tip #6 - Add Picture to Your Message Forum

The following process documents the steps to insert a picture (Image) you want into the message you are posting to the Message Forum.

Steps to insert a picture into your posting in the Message Forum: 

  • When you are ready to insert your picture into your message posting, you should move your cursor to the location you want your picture to be placed.
  • At the top of "Message Forum", under the words "File Vault Space ~" you will see a box and the word "Source", look to the right for a small box and you will see what appears to be a small black circle and an outline of mountains.  Move your cursor over the image and the word "Image" will appear, click on the box with the circle and outline of the mountains.
  • A new box opens with "Image Properties" and under the words there is a long box, empty and to the right of the box you will see the word "Browse".  Click on "Browse.  The "PHS62" system will show you the various file folders on your PC/Laptop, etc.
  • Select the folder that contains your pictue, then click on the picture you want to insert, then at the bottom of the file folder, right side, find the word "Open" and click on it.
  • This takes you back to "Image Properties" and the once empty long box now contains the location of the picture you want to bring in, look to the right of the location information and click on the word "Upload".
  • Bingo, your picture has been inserted.
  • Or, in some instances, depending on you PC or iPhone, merely double clicking on the picture and it will be inserted. It should also be noted that when you are in the "Image Properties" box, there are other directions you can go to upload an image from other sources. It's intuitive on how these work, so play with it. We cannot give step by step instructions on everything. 
  • Be sure before you leave you go to the bottom of the "Message Forum" and click on the box with the word "Submit", if you do not, everything you have done is lost.