Tip #4 - Find Classmate Location

Any Classmates Living Close to Me

You would like to meet and talk to one or more classmates from the class of '62, how do you find out if any classmates live in or around your current residence.  Would you like to know their names, and where they are in relationship to your location?.

Here are the quick steps to locate classmates, in your state, then in your town and their names, picture and city they are living in:

  1. Click on the "Home Page" tab that is on the left side of this Tip #4.
  2. Right hand side of "Home Page", you will see a box with "Where We Live".
  3. The bottom of the same box you see "Where We Live", you will see in the color blue "Show Classmates On Map".
  4. Click on the blue Link "Show Classmates On Map".
  5. A small box pops up, click on the box with the "OK" , it will take 1 to 5 seconds, pretty fast to return your information.
  6. Move your mouse cursor over the state you live in, (a small hand represents my cursor).
  7. Using your mouse, on my mouse there is a central round wheel, use this or whatever your mouse has to enlarge the state that you live in.
  8. Keep enlarging your state until it shows you the cities within your state.
  9. You will see a red icon(s), with a profile of a persons silhouette, could be one, could be many and click on one silhouette at a time.  It will show you the persons picture, their name and the city they live in, and if there are multiple classmates in the same city, it will show all of them.
  10. Congratulations you know know how to locate classmates by state and the city they live in or close to.