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•   Marianne Taylor (Hansen)  2/21
•   Richard Hughes  2/18
•   Don Lloyd  2/17
•   Ted Judd  2/13
•   John David Craig  2/9
•   Bill Busacker  1/31
•   Rix Tillman  1/14
•   Teddie Kramer (Pick)  1/2
•   Douglas Satterfield  1/1
•   Stephan Eriksen  12/31
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 23.3%

A:   103   Joined
B:   339   Not Joined


Who lives where - click links below to find out.

4 live in Arizona
10 live in California
1 lives in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
54 live in Idaho
1 lives in New York
1 lives in North Carolina
1 lives in Oklahoma
1 lives in Oregon
1 lives in Pennsylvania
1 lives in South Carolina
3 live in Texas
13 live in Utah
1 lives in Virginia
3 live in Washington
2 live in Wyoming
339 location unknown
135 are deceased


> Pocatello High School 50+ Reunion <

Yes, coming your way in September another Pocatello High School 50+ Reunion is in the planning stages.  At this time, we have the tentative dates from Jim Lee, class of 1960.

The 50+ committee will advise us when they have the final plans, location, menu and forms available on their web site "".

Once we receive their confirmation, the PHS62 Administrators, Gary R. Glenisky, Budd L. Kendrick and Otto H. Achenbach will spring into action to update the announcement and the tab on this screen, at the top, left hand side entitled "PHS 50+ Combined Reunion".

Anyone who attended Pocatello High School prior to 1970 is invited to join the PHS 50+ Reunion group, and to attend the 2020 combined Reunion.  Pertinent Information, known at this time, follows:

Tentative Dates  at this time are:      

  Saturday, September 12th

  Sunday,   September 13th


“Good to be part of those years and good they can still be with us.”


smiley Welcome to our Class of '62 Website

If you are a member of the Class of ‘62 and would like to become a member of our website, go to First Time Visitors on the left side of this page.  If you are a member of the Class of ‘62, but don’t see your name listed on Classmate Profiles, and you would like to become a member of our website, Contact Us.  This is our website and we can use it to post information about our experiences, accomplishments, etc., and simply to keep in touch with friends and classmates of the past.

You can also help us find other '62 classmates, wherever they may be, who have not yet signed up.  Their names would be on both the Classmate Profiles and Missing Classmates pages.  Contact them and encourage them to sign up. 

GUEST MEMBER  If you are not a member of the Class of ‘62, you are welcome to look around our website, but there will be areas you cannot access.  If you would like to become a Guest member of this website and enjoy all the privileges of a Class of ‘62 member, please Contact Us, or go to Tip #3 of the "Tips - How To" link on the left of this Home Page.



Class Numbers  (as of 11/16/2019)

Class Members                                       579*

(344 +103 +132 = 579)   

In Memory                                              132**

Class Website Members (not Guests)   103

Website Members (including Guests)   109***

Missing Classmates                                344****

* This number includes all names listed, except Guests, on the Classmate Profiles page plus a few who wish to remain anonymous.  Our official graduating class number is 518.  Those 518 actually matriculated and received a diploma from PHS.  The 579 number includes those that had to come back from the class of ‘61 for the Government credit and some of our members that graduated in ‘63 for the same reason.  We also keep track of quite a few people that have wanted to be associated with our class such as some who moved away in junior high or before their senior year but would have graduated with our class and have actually attended at least one of our class reunions.

** See Classmate Profiles with this icon +.

*** To see the names of these members, click on Classmate Profiles and then click on Newest Members.

**** This 344 figure includes all presumably living classmates who have not joined our website, including 2 who wish to remain anonymous and their names do not appear anywhere on this website. This explains the discrepancy between 344 and the 342 "Not Joined" figure at the right.  

Among these 344 classmates, we do have email addresses for 57 who have not yet responded to our invitations to join and could be considered as not missing.  But until they join, we don't know where they are and they will be considered missing.


Changing Your Email Address

If you change your email address, please remember to update your email address by clicking on Edit Contact Info.  


sad Removal From Website

Your name, all profile information, and any photos you have in the Photo Albums can be removed at any time by clicking on Contact Us


broken heart In Memory +

If you are aware of a recent passing of one of our classmates, please Contact Us.  Please include the obituary, if possible, and we will update our In Memory section.  

To better remember all our classmates who are no longer with us and are listed on our In Memory section we encourage anyone to post a comment regarding that classmate you may have known. Just click on their Profile and type under Post Comment.  By doing this, a rose 🌹will show up after their name.

Many of our classmates who have passed had served in the military in some way.  Those records were lost, so if you know of any of these people who have served in our military, please Contact Us.  We will then proudly place an American Flag icon after their name.


Password Information

Please note, only you are able to access your password. If you have problems with your password or have forgotten it, you can take care of this on your own. When you try to sign-in, you will see the words "Forgot Password?" above the Log In button.  You can click on that and change your password by following the instructions.


Photo Terminology Clarification

The terms "albums" and "galleries" can be confusing.   

Albums are pre-defined within the website and Galleries are created by individual classmates.

There are two main groups of photo albums, the Reunion Photo Albums and the Other Photo Albums (see the link to these two groups on the left side of the Home Page.)  Each of these groups have several albums within them.  Each album may contain various galleries.  Each gallery is owned by the classmate who creates and adds to that gallery.  The  owner's name is shown prominently.

Additionally, there are photos in each classmate's profile at the top of their profile page.  You can upload just one photo for each blank box. A yearbook photo has already been uploaded for nearly all classmates.  You can also create your own personal Photo Gallery in the upper right hand corner of your profile page.  Your personal Photo Gallery may contain as many photos as you wish to share.


Instructions to Upload to the Two Main Photo Albums 

(Instructions for adding photos to your personal profile are contained in First Time Visitors.)  

To create your gallery within an existing album, click on either the Reunion Photo Albums or Other Photo Albums on the left side of our Home Page. Next, click on the album of your choice.  If you do not have a gallery in this album, click on "Create Your Own Photo Gallery Here".  If you already have a gallery in that album, click on "Add/Edit Photos".  You will need to find the photo(s) you want to share by selecting it from your personal photo file on your computer.  Please put in a caption, names if possible, to the right of the picture you have uploaded.  With captions or names added, classmates will have an idea of what or who they are looking at.

Any photo that comes up sideways or upside down can be corrected by placing your mouse on the pencil in the upper right hand corner of the photo, then clicking on Adjust Photo and the programmed Photo Editor will show up with your photo.  In addition to putting your photo right side up, there are many features you can play around with.  Whatever you do with the Photo Editor, don't forget to hit Apply and then Save. 

To check that your your photo(s) was loaded like you wanted, click on Reunion Photo Albums or Other Photo Albums, the particular album, and your gallery to see your photo(s). 

It would be nice to see some earlier reunion photos.  There must be some out there; we remember all those cameras taking pictures.  Albums have been set up for every class reunion.


enlightened Suggestions For Website Improvement

Any suggestions you have for website improvement will gladly be entertained.  Just Contact Us.














Jim Roeder  2/28
Gary Cottle  3/8
Leslie Sorensen  3/23